JULISIS is a 100% biodynamic skin care system supporting one's own natural biorhythm. Using alchemistic liquid gold (jlge®) and silver (jlse®) and semi-precious stones together with biodynamic botanicals.

Our patented jlge® Liquid Gold is the key ingredient in the day care preparations to activate, energize and protect skin during the day, jlse® Liquid Silver in the night care products helps to detox, firm and regenerate skin over the night time period.

Our wholesome formulas are mostly based on the findings of great scientist and alchemist Paracelsus. Production cycles take from three to fourteen months, due to the fermentation processes.

All JULISIS preparations are mild, suitable for the most sensitive skin.- yet highly efficient delivering visible rejuvenation. JULISIS GLOW. We have no allergy reports due to the complex alchemy production method where we can eliminate known allergens for optimal safety for the most sensitive. JULISIS energetic frequencies correspond with our chakra system in a subtle but tangible way and harmonizes the entire body.

What is the major difference between JULISIS and other organic and natural product lines?

JULISIS is pure cell nutrition, the alchemy way of experiencing a cream is completely different: first it enters skin, then comes up again and never sits on top of skin. JULISIS lets your skin breathe naturally. Silicones and paraffins interrupt skin oxygenation.
All textures are ultramodern and light - ideal for complete absorption. True "cell food".
Visible results are produced almost instantly.
JULISIS is energetically super charged and able to restructure and heal skin on a molecular level through vibrational, energetic principles.
All formulas should be used very sparingly due to a condensed structure. We do not differentiate "skin types", we just recognize the "right now" and address with the amount you use of a product, oilier oilier skin uses very little, dryer skin uses more. The harmonization takes approximately four weeks.

Why does JULISIS not promote any organic/bio label?

All Bio labels currently available are way too lax with preservatives and other additives. Most labels allow up to 10% what we would call "toxic substance".
We are completely free of any harmful preservatives, fillers, fragrances and colors. Our production facilities produce under strict pharmaceutical codex set by the European Cosmetics Directive.

Is JULISIS suitable for people with allergies or skin dis-eases like psoriasis etc?

It is highly recommended as JULISIS is about rebalancing skin. We have many reports and proof that JULISIS is restoring skin balance. Flaky skin, redness etc. We have worked with holistic dermatologists and plastic surgeons for over 10 years.

We are recommended by doctors for post-surgical treatment to improve scar healing.
Any skin disease is a sign that one's own rhythm is out of balance. Julisis helps to realign and harmonize exactly that intra cellular rhythm. We are especially proud to have no reports of allergies for over 10 years. In the complex alchemy production process, we are able to eliminate known allergens.

Was is the difference between JULISIS liquid gold essence and other beauty brands using gold?

There is a significant difference. jlge® is the ultra-fine, liquid structure of the gold made after the ancient formula of Paracelsus.
Our alchemistic gold takes approximately 14 months to make, the source is 22k Gold. Treated with different acids, salts and mineral formulas to distill the essence of the gold.
Other brands use particles that are much too rough and sit on the skin delivering a glittery effect.

Does JULISIS use nano particles?

No, we do not use any nanos. Scientific research found nanos in brain tissue making the substance uncontrollable and dangerous.